University of Manchester

Access Modes

To use the instruments within the HMXIF in Manchester and to benefit from guidance from our experienced staff, we offer two modes of access. Please contact us to help decide on the most suitable mode for your project. Facility staff are happy to help with this and to offer advice on X-ray tomography projects. All users are encourage to read the Designing an experiment page and discuss their projects with facility staff prior to applying for scan time for feasibility advice and time and budget estimates.

Academic access:

Academic access will usually lead to academic output (e.g. publications or contribute to a student's thesis) and is financed by a research council or similar, but not commercially. The data will be available for publication. Under the academic access conditions, users can visit the HMXIF to scan their samples and process the data. Facility staff will train or assist in the data collection and reconstruction, but data processing is the responsibility of the user. Projects that require significant involvement of a member of staff (for example in experiment design, data collection or processing) should lead to joint publications with that member of staff.

To apply for academic access, researcher from the University of Manchester should fill in the 'project request form' on PPMS. For users without PPMS access, a word document application for is available from facility staff.

Commercial access:

Industry and other commercially funded organisations can benefit from our industrial scanning service. An experienced member of staff will carry out the scans, process the data and provide a report of the results. The data remains confidential and will not be used for publication by us.

To discuss commercial access to the facility, please contact Dr James Carr for project discussions and quotations.