Access Modes

The MXIF is an EPSRC Small Facility, providing world-leading tomography capability for all academic and commercial users.

All potential Users of the Manchester X-ray Imaging Facility (MXIF) should read the following information and requirements of the MXIF before proceeding to make an enquiry or an application for access.

New users are strongly encouraged to read the Designing an experiment pages before contacting the MXIF staff. All users are reminded that they must provide sufficient information on the scientific merit, experimental design, impact and expected outcomes for the steering committee to assess the proposal.

There are four access modes for MXIF use


The User and the MXIF have a collaborative agreement, and it will be expected that the research will lead to joint publications and grant applications.

Restricted academic access:

The User wishes not to offer co-authorship to the appropriate MXIF researchers on publications and grants, or publication is restricted because of confidentiality agreements. All proposals under this access mode must be discussed with the MXIF Directorship prior to submission.

Long term access:

This access mode is for extended access approved as part of major research grants. All research programmes with a significant portion of MXIF access within them, usually supporting a PDRA or PhD studentship located, or co-located in the MXIF should be submitted through this route once funding has been secured. The grant submissions must be discussed with MXIF Directorship prior to submission. In some cases the individual experimental work packages will also require a standard Academic access application.

Commercial access:

The User does not intend to publish the results in the peer-reviewed press and wishes the data, samples and procedures to remain confidential. All proposals under this access mode must be discussed with the MXIF Directorship prior to submission. We work with a wide number of commercial operations world wide, and have staff dedicated to industrial liaison.