Research Access

All potential Users of the Manchester X-ray Imaging Facility (MXIF) should read the following information and requirements of the MXIF before proceeding to make an enquiry or an application for access.

New users are strongly encouraged to read the Designing an experiment pages before contacting the MXIF staff so you have all the required information to hand. All users are reminded that they must provide sufficient information on the scientific merit, experimental design, impact and expected outcomes for the steering committee to assess the proposal.

Applications are considered on a monthly basis by a panel that includes the Facility Directors, experienced MXIF researchers and technical staff. Panel outcomes will be communicated to applicants via email. Appeals should be made to the MXIF Directorship.

Applying for access

  1. All users must discuss their proposal with a member of the MXIF team before submitting their application. Their contact must be identified on the proposal. Any proposal that has not been discussed will be rejected.

  2. All academics wishing to include access to MXIF and DMC facilities on grant applications to RCUK, ERC or other funding sources must contact the MXIF Directors to discuss the grant prior to submission. Once grant funding has been secured a long term proposal must still be submitted to the steering committee.

  3. All applicants, researchers or students who will be using the facility must be registered as users on the MXIF website. All users requiring access to the MXIF laboratories must submit a photograph for security.

  4. Users will be expected to perform their own experiments and analysis, after training and under the supervision of MXIF staff. The MXIF offers regular training in image analysis. Users are encouraged to attend training shortly before your scanning if at all possible.

  5. Once notified of the outcome it is the responsibility of the user to contact the staff member appointed to act as experimental support, and to schedule training, the experiment and post experimental access to MXIF computing facilities. All data is automatically deleted from the MXIF temporary storage server after 10 days.







Submission workflow
Submission workflow