University of Manchester

Research Access

The HMXIF provides state-of-the-art X-ray CT equipment and analysis facilities for Materials Sciences and a wide range of other research fields. We welcome all new potential users to contact us first for help with their projects and requirements.

We allocate time on the instruments after an application process. Applications are approved by our facility directors based on their feasibility and scientific merit. New users are strongly encouraged to read the 'Designing an experiment' pages and discuss their project with HMXIF staff before submitting an application.

Applications by researchers from the University of Manchester can be made on the instrument booking system PPMS (use the "request a new project" form on the HMXIF page). External users can obtain an application form by contacting a member of facility staff.

Once notified of the outcome of their application, it is the responsibility of the user to contact the staff member appointed to act as experimental support, and to schedule the beam time with them. We usually expect new projects to start within four weeks of approval.

Users will be expected to perform their own X-ray CT scans and data analysis, after training and under the supervision of HMXIF staff. Instrument training by our experienced technical staff is provided as part of the user's allocated beam time. The HMXIF offers regular courses in X-ray CT data analysis. Users are encouraged to attend a course shortly before scanning if at all possible.

All instrument time is chargeable. Current charges can be found here.