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Education & Outreach


Educational visits welcome

The Manchester X-ray Imaging Facility (MXIF) always welcomes contact with schools and colleges. We are also happy to host other organised group and society visits Our staff give public lectures on a range of topics, work with the media, are involved with the STEM ambassadors programme, and take part in open days, national science fairs and exhibitions.

During tours to the MXIF facilities in Manchester or Oxfordshire visitors will be introduced to the range of instruments and what they are used for. We show examples of the applications CT across the physical (engineering, physics, chemistry, geology) and life (biology, ecology, medicine) sciences, and elsewhere (art, archaeology). It is sometimes possible to tailor our presentations to meet the specific needs of the curriculum at any of the Key Stages 1-4, so please let us know if there is a specific topic of interest to the group. More information on outreach and public engagement activities can be given on request.

Arrangements to visit the facility at the University of Manchester can be made through Sarah-Jane Clelland. Arrangements to visit the facility at Diamond Light Source can be made through Sarah Batts.