MXIF Facilities Costs

The Manchester X-ray Imaging Facility is a Research Council Small Facility, and as such, charges for the running costs of the facility. Please contact the Projects & Grants Manager Helen Ryder directly to discuss pricing.

Academic access: These rates charged are based on full academic collaboration, leading to co-authored peer reviewed publications. All research council and other grant applications that include MXIF time should be discussed in detail with a member of MXIF staff at an early stage of grant development, and must approved by one of the co-directors before submission.

Beam time can be booked in half-day (four hours) and full-day (eight hours) units.

From February 2016 charges for academic access are as follows:

Nikon XTH225: £424.64 per day (£212.32 per half-day)

The 320/225 kV Bay: £887.36 per day (£443.68 per half-day)

The High Flux Bay: £858.64 per day (£429.32 per half-day)

The ZEISS Xradia 810 Ultra: £847.04 per day (£423.52 per half-day)

The ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa: £497.04 per day (£248.52 per half-day)

The ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa DCT: £528.64 per day (£264.32 per half-day)

For access charges to instruments not listed above, please contact the individual listed on the instrument page.

All publications resulting from analysis performed at MXIF must acknowledge the following research council support: "We would like to acknowledge the assistance provided by the Manchester X-ray Imaging Facility, which was funded in part by the EPSRC (grants EP/F007906/1, EP/F001452/1 and EP/I02249X/1)"

Commercial access: The rates charged are based on individual project requirements. All projects must be discussed with the Industrial Experimental OfficerJames Carr before any request is submitted.