University of Manchester

MXIF Facilities Costs

The Manchester X-ray Imaging Facility is a Research Council Small Facility, and as such, charges for the running costs of the facility. Please contact the Projects & Grants Manager Helen Ryder directly to discuss pricing.

Academic access: These rates charged are based on full academic collaboration, leading to co-authored peer reviewed publications. All research council and other grant applications that include MXIF time should be discussed in detail with a member of MXIF staff at an early stage of grant development.

Beam time can be booked in half-day (four hours) and full-day (eight hours) units.

From 1st February 2019 charges for academic access are as follows:

Nikon XTH225: £620.4 per day (£310.201 per half-day)

The 320/225 kV Bay: £795.04 per day (£397.52 per half-day)

The High Flux Bay: £824.56 per day (£412.28 per half-day)

The Colour Bay: £374.64 per day (£187.32 per half-day)

The ZEISS Xradia 810 Ultra: £1070.8 per day (£535.4 per half-day)

The ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa: £507.68 per day (£253.84 per half-day)

The ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa DCT: £507.68 per day (£253.84 per half-day)

The Rapiscan RTT110: £1002.4 per day (£501.20 per half-day)

In-situ rigs: £67.22 per day

A discount of 33.3% is applicable for projects funded entirely by RCUK.

All publications resulting from analysis performed at MXIF must acknowledge the following research council support: "We acknowledge the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) for funding the Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging Facility which has been made available through the Royce Institute for Advanced Materials through grants (EP/F007906/1, EP/F001452/1,EP/I02249X, EP/M010619/1, EP/F028431/1, EP/M022498/1 and EP/R00661X/1)."

Commercial access: Please discuss your requirements with our Industrial Experimental Officer James Carr . Rates will depend on individual projects.