University of Manchester

Terms and Conditions

  1. The MXIF was built and is supported by grant income. In exchange for access all MXIF users are expected to make a contribution towards the running costs of the facility, and to formally acknowledge the facility in all publications, grants and applications using the following text:

  2. "We would like to acknowledge the assistance provided by the Manchester X-ray Imaging Facility, which was funded in part by the EPSRC (grants EP/F007906/1, EP/F001452/1 and EP/I02249X/1)"

  3. In most cases, and for all academic access routes, it is expected that a member of the MXIF staff will be named as an author on any publication arising from data collected at MXIF or DMC facilities.

  4. This is to allow for correct attribution of Facility usage in REF and associated assessment exercises. The staff member supporting the research, assisting with planning, implementation and analysis will make a significant contribution to the work they are supporting, and as such, research undertaken within the MXIF is collaborative. If any User feels that offering MXIF co-authorship is not justified they should raise the issue directly with a Facility Director at the application stage.

    When data are included in higher degree theses, full acknowledgement is required in the thesis, and we ask that the MXIF are notified when the thesis has been submitted for examination and the degree conferred. Publications arising from MXIF generated data presented in an thesis are subject the usual expectation of MXIF co-authorship.

  5. The MXIF is required to demonstrate all research outputs which result from its use. Users are therefore required to provide details of all outputs (publications, grants, conferences, media, outreach).

  6. This includes a a short report on their experiment detailing key findings or outcomes, and at least one image at the end of the experimental programme.This data should be uploaded to the appropriate sections of website as soon as possible. This information will be visible to all registered users of the website. The information should only be representative and should not compromise later formal publication.

  7. All experiments must be individually risk-assessed. Many samples and procedures will fall into the category of “low-hazard” and this categorisation will be made by MXIF staff during discussion prior to submission. For non-low hazard experiments it is the responsibility of the applicant to provide the risk assessment and associated documentation (COSHH, BioCOSHH etc) to the satisfaction of the Facility staff and any other university official with specific related responsibilities. The MXIF staff will advise you on the necessary documentation prior to submission.

  8. It is a requirement of the Ionising Radiation Regulations 1999 (IRR1999), under which the MXIF operates, that all staff and users wear radiation monitoring devices at all times when in the Facility.

  9. Training on the radiation Local Rules and the safe operation of the equipment will be provided to all new users on the morning of the experimental session.

  10. The user is responsible for all data produced in the MXIF. No data backup or storage facility is offered by the MXIF . Users should bring sufficient storage (external hard drives) with them and allow sufficient time for data transfer at the end of the experiment. Data will be automatically deleted 10 working days after it was acquired

  11. The MXIF is open during normal University working hours (08:30 and 17:30 Monday to Friday). Time on the MXIF equipment is awarded on a 24-hour basis. For fully trained and competent operatives working with low-hazard samples and procedures it is possible to gain permission to work for periods outside of normal working hours. Facility staff will normally grant such permission on a per-occasion basis, and access should be discussed prior to the start of the experiment.