University of Manchester
Tristan Lowe
Tristan studied a MEng in Materials science at The University of Manchester and graduated in 2000. After graduating he worked as a PhD student at the School of Materials at the same university, studying the effect of micro-structural features upon the microwave dielectric ceramics used in the telecommunications industry. This work involved TEM and EBSD analysis to characterise the twin grain boundaries in the xCaTiO3 – (1-x)LiyNd1-yTiO3 ceramic systems and their corresponding effect upon the relative permittivity, dielectric loss and the temperature coefficient of resonant frequency. Further studies also included the effect of Bi2O3-2TiO2 and cooling rates. With a dissertation on this subject he was awarded a doctors degree in December 2005.

Tristan mainly works on the day to day running of the facility as well as research projects based around the XTEK and Xradia microXCT instruments. Current research projects and collaborations include:
1. Development of fast XCT scanning techniques with in the MXIF.
2. Development and implementation of ex-situ and in-situ experiments within the MXIF utilising both the tension/compression rigs as well as the furnace.
3. Accurate characterisation of TRISO particles using XCT analysis.
4. Tracking the development of chrysalis development using XCT.
University of Manchester
A37, Materials Science Centre
School of Materials
Senior Experimental Officer, Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging Facility
0161 306 2250
Tristan Lowe