The large Custom Bay is the most highly used of the MXIF machines because of its versatility. 

The large walk in bay, heavy duty sample manipulator, and ability to perform serial scans means that the Custom Bay can be used to scan large samples such as turbine blades or geological core samples.  The system is routinely used to scan samples from 5 - 230 mm in cross-section, and higher resolution region of interest (sub volume) scanning is also possible.  The height of the custom bay also allows large specimens (up to 1 m length and 100kg weight) to be scanned.  The stage also allows the attachment of our range of specialist rigs designed for in-situ 4-D analysis (compression, tension and temperature).

The interchangeable sources enable the machine to be used at energies ranging from ~40-230kV, making it possible to scan everything from biological samples to high density metals. Typical scan times range from 20 to 120 minutes, and resolution ranges from 5 microns (for samples up to 1 cm) to ~100 microns for the largest samples (~20 cm). Specimens larger than 20 cm can be analysed by taking linked scans that can then be pieced back together during the reconstruction stage. More information on resolution can be found here.

MXIF staff are happy to collaborate on research projects associated with other institutions.  If you would like to discuss using MXIF equipment for your research please contact the relevent staff member (details of our research interests can be found here).  To discuss the capabilities of this particular system please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Key Facts:
  • Location: Henry Moseley
  • Resolution: 100's microns to ~3-5 microns
  • Maximum field of view: ~410 mm
  • Sample sizes: 100 kg load capacity, 40 cm maximum sample diameter, 1 m maximum sample length
  • Energy range: 320 kV and 225 kV options.  Cu, Mo, Ag, W X-ray sources
  • Can be used with all sample environment
Recent Research using the Custom Bay:









Planning experiments on the Nikon Custom Bay

The rotation stage in the custom bay moves along the beam path allowing for range of magnifications to be achieved. Image resolution is therefore typically controlled by the field of view required to caprture your entire sample (Fig. 2)