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Scanco XtremeCT


At the Manchester X-ray imaging Faciliy we also have medical scanning capability.

The XtremeCT (SCANCO Medical AG) is designed to perform high-resolution pQCT imaging of the distal tibia and radius of humans for clinical in vivo assessment. The low X-Ray dose associated with each scan allows regular follow up evaluations to be performed on each patient where necessary.

The 3D software automatically matches cortical and trabecular bone regions to allow for easy comparisons to previous measurements. Parameters such as cortical and trabecular density, cortical thickness, trabecular separation/number and volume fraction can be obtained using this equipment.

It is also possible to utilise this imaging equipment for basic science experiments. We have been utilising the equipment thus far in imaging fluid flow through porous media (for validation of bone tissue engineering experiments) using iodine contrast agents. Typical scan times vary from 3-15 minutes. This instrument was purchased from BBSRC grant BB/F013892/1.

MXIF staff are happy to collaborate on research projects associated with other institutions.  If you would like to discuss using MXIF equipment for your research please contact the relevent staff member (details of our research interests can be found here). To discuss the capabilities of this particular system please contact us

Key Facts:
  • Location: Henry Moseley
  • Resolution: 105 - 41 microns
  • Source: Sealed Air-cooled Maintenance-free 80 µm spot size 60 kVp / 40 keV (900 µA)
  • Maximum field of view: 126 x 150 mm
  • Effective Dose: <5 µSv per measurement (ICRP91)
  • Approvals: CE

Recent Research: