University of Manchester

A study of graphene reinforced polymer nanocomposites by nanoCT

Xinyu Ma
Project Completed

Scientific Case

Graphene has superior properties like high Young’s modulus, good thermal and electrical property. The study of graphene reinforced polymer nanocomposite is meaningful. The aim of this study is to characterise the role of graphene flakes in polymer nanocomposite material. Through nanoscale x-ray tomography, we expect to understand how the flake size and amount affect the composite. Also, the flake distribution can be investigated by nanoCT. Previous study of graphene rubber proves that nanoCT is able to image the internal structure.

Experiment Design

The aim is to image graphene platelets of dimensions of approximately 10 nm x 20 um x 20 um. We will attempt this using phase contrast in high resolution mode in the Ultra.
Scanners and Rigs
Xradia Ultra XCT
Not Required

Sample & Safety

Four cut pieces of graphene-epoxy composite samples. Different weight percentage of graphene flakes included.
Low Hazard

Scan Records

Project Report