University of Manchester

An extension of project No.329 (An investigation of fatigue damage in 3D woven composites under in-situ loading)

Bo Yu
Project Completed

Scientific Case

This project aims at investigating the optimum way of imaging the small damage area in the 3D angle-interlocked sample. With a number of controlled variables, such as in situ loading, phase contrast technique and dye penetrant staining, the x-ray CT scan could result in images with different quality. The most proper experimental method will be used for further investigation of damage development in this material. In order to apply tensile loading on the sample, the daresbury rig has been modified. A few trial tests must be done to make sure the rig can work well while applying loading during the scan.

Experiment Design

Matrix cracking, debonding and fibre breakage.

Cracks in the sample are on the scale of submicrons
Scanners and Rigs
Xradia MicroXCT

Sample & Safety

3D woven composite reinforced by angle-interlocked fabric
Low Hazard

Scan Records

Project Report