A study of graphene reinforced polymer nanocomposites by nanoCTXinyu Ma2017-07-1917
Investigation of graphene flake dispersion inside a polymer matrixOana Istrate2017-07-1713
Damage Mechanisms in Bonded Scarf Repairs in Composite StructuresKali Babu Katnam2017-03-28100
Study on failure mechanism of composite tubeYuan CHAI2017-01-19221
Imaging fatigue damage in 3D compositeYing Wang2017-01-19233
Examination of coupons failed under tension loadSerafina Consuelo Garcea2016-12-05184
Understanding evolution of fatigue damage in GFRP (Extension of Project 464)Ying Wang2016-11-02234
Study of tow geometry and shear angle of novel 3D fabrics under in-situ shear loadingsZeshan Yousaf2016-10-18198
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Characterisation of fire-spalling-resistant concrete and mortarShanshan Cheng2016-08-18247
Imaging torsional failure of braided composite tubesYing Wang2016-02-02404
Extension of Project Number: 398
Investigation of Micro-Meso Cracking in 3D Woven Composites
Mohamed Ahmed Saleh2015-05-20563
Investigation of Micro-Meso Cracking in 3D Woven CompositesMohamed Ahmed Saleh2015-01-15751
Non-Destructive Evaluation, Inspection and Testing of Primary Aeronautical Composite Structures Using Phase Contrast X-Ray ImagingMatthieu Gresil2014-11-051426
Investigation of weft tow delamination and matrix cracking damage in 3D woven compositeStephen Louis Ogin2014-10-291224
Imaging microsphere compositesWilliam J Parnell2014-10-02901
The initiation and propagation of kink bands in CFRP composites (extension of project No.328)Ying Wang2014-09-29894
An extension of project No.329 (An investigation of fatigue damage in 3D woven composites under in-situ loading)Bo Yu2014-08-24809
In-situ X-ray microtomography characterization and finite element simulation of fracture process in concreteWenyuan Ren2014-06-061912
Fatigue damage development in 3D woven compositesStephen Louis Ogin2014-05-011558
An investigation of fatigue damage in 3D woven composites under in-situ loadingBo Yu2014-03-24929
In situ imaging of kink bands in UD CFRP rods under compressionYing Wang2014-03-241099
High Specific Strength Light Alloy Fibre/Metal CompositesJasmin Stein2014-03-13985
3D Damage Characterisation of Composites Loaded in TensionJasmin Stein2014-03-13962