University of Manchester

Elucidating Ionic Migration Pathways in Polymer Coatings.

Malgorzata Kopec

Scientific Case

The use of polymer coatings to protect against corrosion is crucial in almost all technical applications that utilises metallic materials. Corrosion protection is delivered by functional pigments that slowly release active species into the body of the coating which then migrate to the coating/metal interface and sites of local damage where they act to inhibit the corrosion processes. However, a key obstacle in the design of novel coating systems containing less toxic pigments is the lack of understanding of fundamental transport phenomena of ionic species within network polymeric structures. The proposed work aims to elucidate ionic migration pathways by direct observation of ionic clusters within the polymer matrix.
corrosion protection

Experiment Design

Features and resolution: clusters of ions in the polymer matrix are expected to be visible in the range of the instrument resolution (around 50-80 nm).
Scanners and Rigs
Xradia Ultra XCT
Not Required

Sample & Safety

Epoxy-amine and polyurethane coatings (100 µm thick) cut into 100 µm wide stripes in a dry state and saturated in the electrolyte solution (sodium tungstate and sodium chromate). Such prepared samples will allow imaging a cube of material with dimensions of 100x100x60 µm.
Low Hazard

Scan Records

Project Report