University of Manchester

Examination of coupons failed under tension load

Serafina Consuelo Garcea
Project Completed

Scientific Case

The aim of this study is a comparative assessment between two coupons that exhibited different behaviour under tension load. Damage, particularly outside of the notch, will be correlate with the in situ results to provide additional information and highlighted any differences between the two samples considered.

Experiment Design

Region of interest to scan is around 1.5 x 1.5 mm. Pixel size required around 1 um or below in order to resolve features at the fibre-scale (diameter of the fibre 7 um).

The overall sample width is 4 mm, while thickness is 1 mm.
Scanners and Rigs
Xradia VersaXCT
Not Required

Sample & Safety

No rig required, samples are already failed.
Low Hazard

Scan Records

Project Report