University of Manchester

Imaging of electrical tree growth in epoxy resin interface samples

Michalis Pattouras
Project Completed

Scientific Case

Dielectric reliability has been a very important discussion/research topic amongst the dielectric and insulation community. As such, the means to minimize the failures and extend the lifetime of dielectric materials used with HV equipment are continuously being investigated. Even though failure can in principle occur anywhere in a dielectric due to manufacturing imperfections such as voids and contaminants or even cracks, most faults in real power systems occur at joints or material interfaces. An example of this is that cable systems usual fail at joints or bushings. Understanding the role of interfaces on failure processes is thus key to improving asset design and management.

The aim of this research proposed is to study the changes in tree structure resulting from the presence of the interface (before and after tree penetration). Due to previous work and results for electrical trees grown in samples without interfaces, comparisons can be made regarding the interfacial effect and how this can be quantified.


Experiment Design

Electrical trees

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Xradia MicroXCT
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