University of Manchester

Proof of principle study of graphene-rubber composites

Tom Slater
Project Completed

Scientific Case

Graphene fillers in rubber offer a comparable level of reinforcement to traditional carbon black but with the potential to enance properties such as thermal and electrical conductivity. In order to understand the role of graphene in the tension / fatigue of rubber composites we would like to perform in-situ X-ray tomography of composite samples. This proof of principle study will investigate whether graphene platelets in rubber composites can be imaged by nanoscale X-ray tomography.

Experiment Design

The aim is to image graphene platelets of dimensions of approximately 10 nm x 20 um x 20 um. We will attempt this using phase contrast in high resolution mode in the Ultra.
Scanners and Rigs
Xradia Ultra XCT
Not Required

Sample & Safety

One cut piece of natural rubber sample and one cut piece of natural rubber with graphene platelets included.
Low Hazard

Scan Records

Project Report