Study of the tow deformation in woven fabric under in situ compressive loading

Zeshan Yousaf
Project Completed

Scientific Case

Textile composites are widely used in many areas of automotive and aero space industry because of their high specific stiffness,strength and low weight.As fabric composites are easy to handle and have flexibility to deform over mould surfaces,they are especially suitable for making parts with complex geometry using the resin transfer moulding process.For successful forming of complex structure it is important to understand the deformation behaviour of the material at each stage of manufacturing.In particular the fabric structure and deformation pattern may significantly affect the properties of the final products, the main objective is to estimate the changes to the geometry of the tows with few unit cells.
glass and carbon fabric

Experiment Design

Tow geometry features

10 mm and 20 micron resolution.
Scanners and Rigs
Nikon XTH225
Not Required

Sample & Safety

Low Hazard

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