Study of the tow geoemtry and resin channels in textile preforms under in-situ loading

Zeshan Yousaf
Project Completed

Scientific Case

The use of composite materials is becoming popular rapidly as a key structural element in aerospace industry due to their light weight and higher strength to weight ratio. Textile composites are easy to handle and can be deformed easily over the mold surface due to flexible nature of the fabric. During composite manufacturing these fabric undergoes different deformation forces which changes the tow geometry and the resin flow. In order to make structural analysis and simulation tools, a detailed study of the structural changes in the fabric geometry and resin channels is required. In the present research work, the main objective is to study the geometry of the tow and the resin flow in the fabric under in-situ loading.

Glass and carbon fabrics

Experiment Design

Tow geometry and resin channels with in few unit cells

30*30 mm sample size with a resolution of 15 micron.
Scanners and Rigs
Nikon Custom 320kV Bay
Not Required

Sample & Safety

Low Hazard

Scan Records

Project Report