University of Manchester

The Case of the Brocklehurst Panda

Sarah-Jane Clelland
Project Completed

Scientific Case

Manchester Museum currently (Spring 2017) have a Giant Panda on display, on loan from Macclesfield Museum. There are unresolved questions regarding the provenance of the Panda. It is currently labelled as being donated by Brocklehurst. He was Macclesfield aristocrat who in the 1930's travelled to China and shot a Panda, with support from the British Museum (Natural History). But, a few years ago, it transpired that there is a SECOND panda in Berlin Museum also known as the Brocklehurst Panda. Both are mounted in exactly the same position, on an artificial rock. It is hoped that X-ray investigation of the Panda from Macclesfield Museum will provide details regarding the taxidermist's method and mount along with the position of the bullet hole, which can be matched to existing records to determine whether it is Brocklehurst's Panda.

Experiment Design

The panda is 140cm long x 62cm deep x 155cm high.

Radiographs will be fine. The most important things are scans of the base, metal armature of the body, images of the head so we can explore different taxidermists’ methods and to see if there are repairs/signs of bullet holes.
Scanners and Rigs
Nikon Custom 320kV Bay
Not Required
Panda must remain upright during scanning. It weighs approx. 20kg.
Staff from the museum will bring the Panda to the facility and will be on hand to assist with moving it.

Sample & Safety

Giant Panda mounted on an artificial rock.

Scan Records

Project Report