University of Manchester

The initiation and propagation of kink bands in CFRP composites (extension of project No.328)

Ying Wang
Project Completed

Scientific Case

The experiment aims to build a 4-D visualisation of the complex interactions of damage mechanisms in the catastrophic and instantaneous compressive failure in carbon fibre reinforced polymer matrix composites. Experiments on Xradia Micro-XCT have enabled the observation of the 3-D morphology of kink bands, but due to the instantaneous failure mode the progress of damage cannot be determined through longitudinal compression testing. According to the literatures, in the compressive side during a bending failure, the development of kink bands is stablised and thus easier to be captured. Therefore, the in-situ experiments will be carried out in the Daresbury rig under four-point bending loading.

Experiment Design

Features: fibre waving, fibre breaks and splits between matrix and fibres
Size of features: around 5 microns
Voxel size: 1-2 mcirons
Scanners and Rigs
Xradia MicroXCT

Sample & Safety

Carbon firbe-epxoy composite
50mm*2mm*4mm with a notch in the centre
Daresbury rig
The bending fixtures fitting into the rig have already been made
Low Hazard

Scan Records

Project Report