University of Manchester

X-ray imaging characterization of a MOF-fixed-bed column for HPLC separations of xylenes

Xiaolin Li
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Scientific Case

We propose to characterize the packing efficiency (and visualize the presence of macro-voids at ~50 microns) of a MOF-based fix-bed column for HPLC separation by X-ray imaging studies.
Metal-Organic Frameworks

Experiment Design

Here we have performed the adsorption-based separation of xylene isomers on our MOF (MFM-300) packed columns (stainless steel column and the diameter of the column is 6mm, with a length of 15cm). So far, we have obtained excellent results on the dynamic separation of xylene mixtures by MFM-300 materials at ambient temperature . It is widely accepted that the compaction degree of packing can influence the separation efficiency dramatically. We therefore urgently need to understand the packing efficiency of these MOF particles (~0.2-1 microns) within the column and such information will give direct evidence to correlate with their separating performance. Here we propose to use the 3D X-ray imaging technology to observe the presence of any macro-voids (~50 microns) within the packed column.
We have discussed this proposed experiment with Dr. Tristan Lowe who suggested for a preliminary test and estimated that 1-2 days are required for this test.
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MFM-300 packed stainless steel column
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