University of Manchester

Current Research Themes at MXIF

Researchers working at, or in collaboration with the Manchester X-ray Imaging Facility are currently persuing a range of topics across the spectrum of Materials Sceince and beyond. This page shows the major grant funded programmes that support many of the reserach staff in the Facility, and the facility itself. Most projects support PRDA and PhD researchers, and can also allow opportunuities for MSc and BSc student engagement. The staff supported by these programmes also provide training, support and expertise to the broader user community.

The MXIF group has a strong empahsis on using in situ imaging methods to understand the dynamic evolution of structures and processes. The projects shown here generally use both laboratory and synchrotron image methods to capture the evolution of structures and processes in 4D, and illustrate the range of science undertaken. Together with the user community we work from aerospace to archaeology, from medical research to metallurgy, from chocolate to ceramics.

Collaborative access to the MXIF scanning systems is available through a range of routes, so please use these pages to identify how tomography can help you, and then get in touch to discuss your project further. The group is always happy to collaboratte, and often host visiting reserachers and Reserach Fellows at both the Henry Moseley Facility in Manchester and at the Reserach Complex at Harwell, at the Diamond Light Source synchrotron.