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Partial cut away 3D render of a 5500BC human scull (T. Lowe & K. Coucher, MXIF)

The rarity and fragility of most archaeological artefacts, make CT an invaluable research tool.  The range of non-destructive imaging systems available in the MXIF allows a wide range of samples to be imaged.  If necessary, samples can be mounted in protective capsules, or cases, allowing imaging under the specific atmospheric condition required for sample preservation.  

Recent experiments performed at MXIF in this area have looked at:

  • Evidence for post  mortem scalping in 5500BC human skulls
  • Nature of clay "hair" balls from ancient Egypt
  • Bronze Age Artefacts

The facilities used in the MXIF include synchrotron and lab-based x-ray nano- and microtomography with access to other electron microscopy and x-ray diffraction techniques. If you wish to discuss any aspect of research in this area please contact Tristan Lowe to discuss your project ideas and requirements.