University of Manchester


Porosity in concrete
3D render of the porosity (blue) in a concrete sample

The ability to acquire non-destructive 3D and 4D images of a sample using x-ray CT can be of great use in many aspects of engineering. The wide range of laboratory and synchrotron based x-ray CT equipment at the MXIF allows a range of engineering experiments which enable the impact of material microstructure on macroscopic properties to be further understood.

In-situ experiments (In Situ Experiments) performed at MXIF under thermal, mechanical and combined loadings have yielded new insight into the performance of a variety of materials including graphite, polymer composites, fibre reinforced concrete and cement.

4D X-ray CT imaging can be used to identify failure mechanisms and develop and validate FEA models. It can also be used to track the progression of liquids and other deleterious species through the structure of porous materials.

Recent experiments include the use of the MXIF 5kN tension-compression rig fitted with a thermal capability up to 200 degrees to track strain within individual cementitious phases using Digital Volume Correlation (DVC).

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