University of Manchester

Major Research Initiatives

Researchers at the Manchester X-ray Imaging Facility (MXIF) are involved in a wide range of major research projects and consortia; their research is supported by research councils (RCUK, EU), industrial sponsorship and many other funding streams.

The facility includes the Manchester-Diamond nano-tomography beam line, I13, at the UK synchrotron, Diamond Light Source and the Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging Facility at the University of Manchester.  Able to produce 3D images with resolutions from one millimetre to 50nm, the facility provides academic and industrial researchers with access to one of the widest range of x-ray tomography imaging systems in the world.

MXIF researchers are active in a wide range of fields, they collaborate with a large number of industrial and academic users from around the world.  Further information on our technical capabilities and current research can be found in these pages, as can the instructions for applying to use all the facility resources.


If you would like to discuss a potential future collaboration, or direct MXIF involvement on a grant proposal, please contact Philip Withers.