University of Manchester



The research is primarily on understanding and reduction of manufacturing defects during solidification and to throw more insights on improving the mechanical properties of critical components used in aerospace, automobile and other industries. Some of the important materials being considered are: aluminium alloys, steel, Ni-based superalloys and nano particulate systems.

The MXIF has a number of key facilities and expertise in data analysis and quantification that can be of particular use in materials research. In addition to access to synchrotron facility and powerful lab x-ray sources, MXIF possesses equipment enabling the operating conditions of critical components to be replicated. Moreover, numerical simulations are also being developed in-house to elucidate the experimental observations, for example:

  • Hot tearing / cracking and damage evolution
  • Freckle formation
  • Microstructures
  • Porosity at different scales
  • Mechanical properties of the weld joints

If you wish to discuss any aspect of research in this area where you feel like MXIF may be able to help through any of our access routes, please contact Philip Withers to discuss your project ideas and requirements.