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Gatan XuM

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Instrument Overview

The Gatan X-ray Ultramicroscope, or XuM, is a high performance SEM-hosted X-ray Microscope (XRM) that enables non-destructive imaging of the internal structure of samples and 3D X-ray tomography. The system is interfaced to and integrated with the SEM host to provide an easy to use yet powerful x-ray facility with unique imaging capability suitable for both life and materials science applications.

The SEM electron beam is focused onto a target to generate a point-like X-ray source. The generated X-rays are transmitted through the sample and projected onto a sensitive X-ray camera to form an image. The Gatan XuM is installed on FEI Quanta3D dualbeam FEG SEM. A typical tomographic dataset might involve image acquisition at 1° intervals around an arc of 190°.

Key features:

  • Phase and Absorption contrast imaging.
  • 1340 x 1300 pixel X-ray camera with 20 um pixel size.
  • Resolution: ~200-400 nm.
  • Maximum typical sample diameter for a metallic sample: ~1 mm.
  • Field of view: 20 um at highest magnification to 10 mm at lowest magnification.
  • Targets: Ag, V, Fe, Cu, W, Pt and Au.
  • Maximum primary X-ray energy: 9.7 kV monochromatic.
  • Can be used for in-situ experiments with a range of rigs.
  • Please contact Dr Ali Gholinia  for further information.

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