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The University of Manchester has joined forces with Diamond Light Source (DLS). The 10 year collaboration will run until 2020 and aims to explore and exploit new science using synchrotron light. It provides access to the Imaging branchline, I13-2, plus other beam lines at DLS.

The I13-2, or the 'Diamond-Manchester Beambranch' performs real space imaging and tomography in the 8-30keV energy range. The high flux of a synchrotron enables images of high signal:noise to be recorded very quickly. Rapid dynamic processes can therefore be studied. The beamline can also be used absorption contrast imaging, phase contrast imaging, X-ray diffraction imaging as well as tomography.

Manchester uses the Diamond Manchester Imaging Branchline for research that spans materials science, biomedicine, geology and engineering - as well as methods development in X-ray imaging and tomography imaging. The use of in-situ rigs provides 4D capabilities for studying material evolution over time, extending the information gained from X-ray imaging in materials science, life sciences, natural resources, and diverse industrial applications.

The Diamond Manchester X-ray Imaging branch line is funded via a collaboration between Diamond Light Source and The University of Manchester. Find out more about the collaboration. .

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