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The 320/225 kV Bay

Custom bay

Figure 1: 320/225 kV Nikon bay viewed from within the enclosure


Figure 3: 225/320 kV Nikon manipulator

Formally known as the Nikon Custom Bay, the 320/225 kV Nikon XTEK bay has a number of advantages over a standard X-ray cabinet radiation housing (Figure 1). It has the ability to analyse large specimens ranging in size from a few millimetres up to 238 millimetres in cross-section and the additional height of the bay allows multiple scans of long specimens up to 800 millimetres. The heavy duty 5-axis specimen manipulator stage is capable of supporting specimens of 100 kg (50kg maximum weight directly on to the manipulator stage) (Figure 2). The stage also allows the attachment of specialist rigs that are designed for in-situ 4-D analysis (compression, tension and temperature). The purpose built bay is fitted with two labyrinth systems for the external control and monitoring of user-installed equipment and we have a suite of in situ rigs available within the facility. Two high specification 120GB RAM workstations with GPU reconstruction capability are linked to the 320/225 kV Nikon XTEK bay for rapid data reconstruction and processing. This permits selected regions of interest within a larger specimen to be imaged separately then recombined to achieve a higher resolution than a typical single X-Ray CT scan.

Key features:

  • Housed within a custom-built walk-in radiation bay.
  • The heavy-duty 5-axis sample manipulator stage with a 100 kg load capacity.
  • Labyrinths are available for the external control and monitoring of user-installed equipment.
  • Maximum sample size is 230 mm wide.
  • Rapid data reconstruction
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