University of Manchester

High Pressure & Temperature Flow Rig

Dual phase flow rig

The combined systems allow pressure and temperature gradients to be generated through the sample whilst maintaining a constant confining pressure. The system can be used in the laboratory based high flux bay or on beamlines at Diamond Light Source to image processes in situ.

Flow rig

  • Two syringe pumps: 260ml capacity; accurate flow at pressures up to 7500 psi (500bar) and can be used with gas, water or oil based fluids.
  • Hydrothermal stirred reactor: capacity 250ml; can be pressurized up to 4500 psi (300bar) and go up to 450 °C.
  • Two imaging cells for samples with diameters up to 21mm and 5mm.
  • The cells can be used up to 220 °C and 250 bar, although it can potentially be adjusted to work at more harsh conditions.
  • Applications

  • Dissolution, precipitation and replacement reactions in rocks and porous materials
  • Multi-fluid flow
  • Mixing (e.g. mobilization of an oil phase trapped in a porous rock by a water based solution)
  • Dilution
  • Particle sedimentation/filtration
  • Hydrofracking and fracture healing.
  • To discuss the feasibility of your experiment please contact Dr Jose Godinho. 

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