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Experiment Design

X-ray Computer Tomography offers a non-destructive technique to investigate the microstructure of organic and non-organic materials. However a fuller understanding of any material can be obtained if the microstructure is observed under operating conditions such as load and/or temperature. In-situ rigs simulate material test conditions and allow forensic investigation of corrosion and other phenomena at a range of scales, from macro to atomic.

rig specturm

MXIF has a range in-situ rigs and stages for use in synchrontron and laboratory based experiments to allow 4D X-ray imaging of materials under the following environmental conditions:

  • Compressive, tensile and torsional loading
  • Tension-compression fatigue
  • Fluid flow
  • Thermomechanical testing
  • Heating
  • Please direct all rig queries to Tristan Lowe .

    In Situ Equipment