University of Manchester


At MXIF we use a range of commercial and open source software packages for processing, visualisation, quantification and modelling.  We also have a number of programs and scripts we have developed in house for different applications.  A brief overview of the main packages available for use at MXIF can be found below, but if you would like to discuss more specific details please contact us.

Each imaging instrument has its own reconstruction and visualisation software but for efficiency of operation the data is downloaded prior to processing. We have dedicated high end workstations available to users at both sites, exclusively for the visualisation and quantification of tomography data sets

Image analysis  usually involves:

  • Visualisation of the reconstructed data
  • Making 2D slices through the volume along differently oriented planes
  • Identification and separation of the different phases or reatures in the image volume
  • Rendering of volumetric representations of different phases and features

before more quantitative analysis of features such as:

  • Porosity (volume, distribution, connectivity)
  • Phase charachertistics (volume, distribution, connectivity, morphological parameters)
  • Interface roughness and other advanced interface characteristics.

and the application of advanced modelling techniques to investigate flow through the volume, the response of the imaged volumes to deformation, and many other physcial processes.