University of Manchester


Drishti is an open-source volume exploration and presentation tool, developed by the Australian National University vizlab. It facilitates the exploration and understanding of 3D data sets by the user and by others in presentations. Drishti has 5 modules designed for importing, rendering, masking and compositing data sets. The lastest version is available here. It features:

  • Volume visualization with 2D transfer funtions, allowing the appearance to be adjusted according to voxel scalar value or gradient
  • Self shadowing and subsurface scattering
  • Stereo viewing
  • Clipping
  • 2D and 3D interface for mask painting
  • Region growing using user-defined seeds
  • Exploration of up to 4 volumes/time series together
  • Realtime movie and animation export with control over:
  • Camera position, pan, zoom etc
  • Clipping plane
  • Light and shadow
  • Transfer functions
  • Subvolumes
  • Time series
  • Tensor visualization using superellipsoids
  • Network (Graph) visualization
  • Cropping and scaling of data