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Simpleware’s software is built specifically to provide a robust solution for the conversion of 3D image data into multi-part volumetric models. The proprietary technology of the +FE module (formerly known as +ScanFE) provides unique meshing capabilities for creating 3D image based models of unparalleled accuracy and sophistication. This integrated module extends ScanIP's capabilities; generating volume and/or surface meshes, contact surfaces and automatically assigning material properties from grey level data. These high quality, analysis ready meshes can be directly imported into a wide range of commercial FE and CFD packages.

Key features

[list class="bullet-4"] [li]Image-based accuracy: the geometric accuracy of mesh domains is only dependent on image accuracy[/li] [li]Robust, automated and accurate surface and volume reconstruction (STL and mesh)[/li] [li]Multiple structures meshed simultaneously[/li] [li]Multi-part meshing: robust automated mesh generation for topologies of arbitrary complexity[/li] [li]The ability to assign material properties within a given structure based on signal strength[/li] [/list]
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A mesh is a 2D or 3D representation of a material or structure. The structure is divided into a series of elements that are connected. Meshes can be generated using a Computer Aided Design (CAD) package, which requires significant input from the user, or, by using image based meshing (IBM) software to generate the mesh for the user. IBM transforms a data set generated from X-ray tomography, MRI, or surface based scanning techniques directly in to a meshed model.

Once a mesh has been generated it can be used for a variety of applications, including, rapid prototyping; incorporating complex structures into CAD modelling; and multi-physics simulations e.g. finite element analysis.

A number of academics, researchers and students (from undergraduate to postgraduate level) are using image based modelling as a research tool. Active research areas include biomedical, dental, materials, geology, and the natural sciences.

There are a number of commercially available meshing softwares, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Currently the HMXIF supports meshing based in the computer software packages Simpleware and Avizo.