University of Manchester

VG Studio Max

VG Studio Max 2.0 is software developed by Volume Graphics that provides a platform for dedicated industrial computer-tomography data analysis. It features unique tools to analyze and visualize large data sets. Coordinate measurements can be made for 2D and 3D dimensioning, while the segmentation tool allows user to isolate materials and geometrical features of interest which can then be analyzed quantitatively. Tools are provided for analysis of features such as defects, pores and wall thicknesses. Regions of interest can be defined for analysis and can be stored as templates for improving repeatability. The fast ray tracing performance enables users to explore the volumetric data by rotating, clipping, and magnifying in real time. Animations can be easily created using the keyframer tool.

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The key features are as follows:??

[list class="bullet-4"] [li]Arbitrary freehand or keyed-in rotation and positioning of objects. Clipping capabilities: box clipping or arbitrary clipping planes.[/li] [li]Arbitrary colour and opacity mapping.[/li] [li]Various segmentation tools.[/li] [li]Materials analysis: detection of defects/porosity, measurment of wall thicknesses.[/li] [li]Material distribution and position in composite materials.[/li] [/list]

Written by Robert Bradley